Day 14 – 14 days of learning Chinese

Day 14, the colors. Lots of new words to learn. The structure of all sentences was similar though, so not a lot of difficulty there.

This was the last dayI really enjoyed the challenge, and I feel like I did actually learn Chinese, although obviously at a very basic level. Not the vocabulary, but also the tones and their importance, a bit about the structure of sentences and even some writing.

From a motivation and discipline perspective the challenge worked great. Having made this public commitment really helped to sit down for the video every day, even if I didn’t feel like doing it so much, or other things in life asked for attention. I definitely recommend this method for guaranteed focus on a subject or project for a longer stretch of time.

For now I’ll leave it with these fourteen days. Maybe I’ll do another challenge like this in the future, and surely I’ll be listening to some more lessons and repeating these ones to really make them permanent. Thanks for watching and keeping me on track!

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