Decisions, decisions.

The first question I have to answer, having started this blogging business,

is will I blog in Dutch, of zal ik in het Nederlands bloggen? If I blog in

dutch, only about 16 million people will be able to read it. Maar als ik in

het engels blog, kan ik niet putten uit alle mooie Nederlandse

taalconstructies. It is beyond doubt however that I should choose a

language. De keuze is bij deze gemaakt: Multitof zal een Nederlandse blog

zijn. Maar pin me er niet op vast, er zou misschien wel eens een engels

postje tussendoor kunnen glippen 🙂

First post!

These are my first steps into the world of blogging. Why blog? Because I’m curious, that’s one reason. Because I think I might have something to say that interests someone. And I won’t deny I do it because I want to be a part of this “publication revolution”. Where everyone can publish their thoughts, not depending on the money they have or the people they know, but on whether they have something to say.

So let’s see whether this can become interesting.