Day 6 – keeping Yoda Jewish

Almost one week has passed by, and I’ve learned a lot already! Today more “countries and languages”.


  • The words for all continents are similar. “o-tjoh” (Europe), “ya-tjoh” (Asia), “fay-tjoh” (Africa), “may-tjoh” (America).
  • When remembering longer sentences with many unknown words, it helps if you can find a sentence in a language that you know that sounds similar. For example, “Capital cities are big and noisy” (listen to the recording here). I already knew the first words “capital” and “are” (or what seems like “are all”), but the rest of the sentence? Then I realized it sounds like “Yoda Joods houden” – “to keep Yoda Jewish”. That is totally weird, which is great for remembering stuff. I imagine something like this and will never forget the sentence:"Yoda Joods houden"

Today’s video:

Thanks to Joyful Jewish for already having created the artwork for my weird association!

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