Happiness is only real when shared

Happiness. Don’t we all want to experience it? Sometimes you just find it. Or it finds you. I just found 100 minutes of it while running through the beautiful city of Amsterdam on a summer-turning-autumn evening.

As it turned out, the city was full of beautiful pictures. That didn’t help the constance of my training, because the pictures asked me to stop often and take some of them home.

Pondering whether I should share this, I thought of two quotes.

Maybe I shouldn’t share it:

There is something curiously boring about other people’s happiness ~ Aldous Huxley

But then maybe I should:

Happiness is only real when shared ~ Christopher McCandless (Into the wild)

The second one won. I hope some of the happiness finds its way to you.

Public water tap in the Westerpark. Rehydrate!


Green wall aside the Haarlemmerstraat


Clouds in the sunset over Het IJ


Fresh new buildings waiting for people to practice “het nieuwe werken” (“the new way of working”)


Small moon in the blue, blue sky


Almost empty road requesting me to run through it, fast. I obeyed.


Lights at the Weesperfeest – after some 50 min of running, everything starts to look a little gloomy.



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